Coming up…retreats & weekends!

One Happy Yoga Travel is always balancing between mindful silence & non-movement and continuous growth. During my Vipassana meditation retreat 2 years ago, I have learned that everything is moving. Even in stillness. Everything is changing and so are we. So even during wintertime, where I really used the season to set in into my body and which allowed me to slow down and cocoon, my ideas were growing. And opportunities came up.

What’s in the yoga trips pipeline?

  1. Studio Stil retreat in Bali – 18 – 27 May – confirmed – 2 spots available
  2. Studio Stil retreat in Portugal – 8 – 15 July – confirmed – 6 spots available
  3. Yoga Time retreat in France – 18 – 22 August – confirmed – 3 spots available
  4. adYogini yoga & mindfuness weekend Belgium – 7 – 9 September – confirmed – 6 spots available
  5. yoga & horsebackriding weekend Ardennen – 14 – 16 September – confirmed – 10 spots available
  6. adYogini retreat Aruba – 13 – 20 October – confirmed – 5 spots available

Do you want to have yoga or  mindfulness workshops in your business or pleasure event or trip?

Get in touch! I’m a world-loving yoga teacher, who can help you with the practical, administration and online organisation. It’s what I love and what I’m good at. Making your yoga travel experience a happy one!

Why I thing you should try out a yoga retreat… read all about it >>

namaste ♡

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